about me

Fun Facts

Mastering the art of columns and rows, spreadsheets are my bread and butter of organization. Tracking COGS, building marketing calendars, and meticulously planning big adventures - the grid knows all.

Grid guru

Sprinkle savant

I once worked at a rolled ice cream shop in ​Breckenridge, where I discovered the profound joy ​sprinkles can bring to any soul.

Lifelong learner

If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room. I’ll forever be enrolled at YouTube University!

sunrise seeker

Whether it’s from a mountain peak or my backyard,

I love the chance to catch a quiet sunrise. It’s the perfect reset button.

home base

Retro Colorado Usa State
Up Arrow Illustration
Retro Washington Usa State

and just about everywhere in-between.

in the office


Over the last several years,

I have grown my leadership skills and outdoor industry knowledge tremendously. My professional roles have given me the opportunity to use my strategic and creative brain to drive brand growth and build strong communicative teams.


I’m a highly motivated, organized, efficient, and agile marketing professional with a keen eye for detail, a voracious appetite for learning, and an unscratchable itch for all things adventure and outdoor related.


I am open to contract and part-time roles where I can continue to pair strategy with creativity, and grow with your team. I love working with brands who value inclusivity, growth, balance, movement, and connection!

away from my desk

Whether I'm getting outside because I need to relax and clear my mind, or I'm adventuring because my day to day life is feeling dull - mother nature never fails to deliver.

Fresh air, new views, movement, and connection to people through time outdoors repeatedly fill my soul back up with the good stuff!

Mid-pandemic, I packed up and road-tripped from the mountains of Colorado to the PNW. I've since been re-discovering myself through the outdoors and beyond the boundaries of just my corporate career.

I’ve taken on even more outdoor hobbies which already range from snowboarding to kayaking to mountain biking to backpacking and mountaineering.

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Approach and manage your digital, social, web, and email content.

  • Messaging & Content Strategy
  • Content Calendar + Management
  • Experience with Shopify, Drupal, Wordpress, Sitecore, and Squarespace CMS


For use on your channels natively, paid social placement, or whitelisting.

  • Photo
  • Unboxing
  • Voiceovers
  • Vlogs



Cohesive stories across your go-to-market campaigns and channels.

  • Copy for social, blogs, ecomm, ad scripts, email flows and campaigns, microcopy, and more
  • Copy editing + proofreading

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